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September 28, 2020

Red Bentuangie vs Red Elephant

As a plant, kratom’s properties can vary from leaf to leaf. For instance, some kratom variants, or strains, are often more sedating or pain-relieving than others.

However, not all kratom strains are entirely dissimilar, and sometimes their differences are subtle. As examples, consider Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant. Both are red kratom strains and seem to have more in common than not.

But despite their similarities, you might prefer one of these strains over the other. So, if you’re trying to choose between them, read on to learn what makes each strain “tick!”

History & Names

Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant aren’t as commonly available as other kratom strains. But both have been around for long enough to develop popularity with kratom beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Red Bentuangie

Unlike most kratom strains, Red Bentuangie is supposedly fermented before being packaged for sale. Kratom vendors have stated that this process is responsible for Red Bentuangie’s distinctive properties and earthy aroma.

The story behind Red Bentuangie’s strain name remains unknown. One theory suggests that “Bentuangie” is derived from the Javanese words “Bentu” and “Wangi.” When translated to English, “Bentu Wangi” supposedly means “fragrant form,” which could be a reference to the strain’s pungent aroma.

Red Elephant

In contrast to Red Bentuangie, Red Elephant’s history and name are less of a mystery. Like most kratom strains, the majority of Red Elephant kratom is likely exported from Indonesia. However, Red Elephant is one of only several strains named after its physical characteristics. According to kratom vendors, the “elephant” name references the large size of the strain’s leaves.

Effects & Properties

Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant may have different names. But according to user reports, both strains offer very similar experiences.

Red Bentuangie

Most users describe Red Bentuangie as strongly sedating and moderately euphoric. At moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+), Red Bentuangie can promote relaxation and increase one’s mood. The strain also seems to be somewhat pain-relieving, but less so compared to other red strains. And, while Red Bentuangie appears to boast an above-average duration of effects, it doesn’t seem to excel at providing energy.

Red Elephant

Like Red Bentuangie, Red Elephant seems highly sedating and euphoric, especially at moderate-to-high doses. Red Elephant also appears to be pain-relieving but may offer less pain relief than other red strains. While Red Elephant doesn’t seem especially energizing, it might provide slightly more stimulation than Red Bentuangie. Overall, Red Elephant’s weakness could be its duration, which may be considerably lower than most red strains.

Which Strain Should I Choose?

Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant appear to be very alike. As a result, you might not notice any significant differences between them. As sedating strains, both seem suitable for end-of-day use and relaxation. However, if you use either strain during the day, you might experience excessive fatigue.

Red Bentuangie appears to be more sedating and longer-lasting than Red Elephant. In contrast, Red Elephant might be somewhat more energizing, mood-boosting, and pain-relieving.

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Sometimes, kratom strains are more alike than vendors and users might be willing to admit. And when comparing Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant, that definitely seems to be the case.

That said, due to differences in personal physiology, kratom is often a subjective experience. Because two people can consume the same strain get different results, nothing can take the place of self-experimentation. Upon trying Red Bentuangie and Red Elephant for yourself, you may develop a preference for one strain over the other.

Subjectivity aside, we hope this guide has helped steer your kratom journey in the right direction! For more kratom articles like this, be sure to visit our blog.

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