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December 07, 2020

Kratom Crazy Alternatives

Kratom Crazy is one of the most visible American kratom vendors in the business today. Customers regularly flock to their site to purchase various kratom products, including powders, capsules, and extracts.

But as of November 2020, Kratom Crazy seems to be shutting down. A banner on their website reads, “Kratom Crazy is Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately.”

With such a large customer base and diverse inventory, it’s unclear why Kratom Crazy is leaving the business. But one thing is sure: many of their customers will be looking for Kratom Crazy alternatives.

So where should ex-Kratom Crazy customers go next? It depends! Certainly, there are plenty of other kratom vendors out there. But their prices, quality, and product selection can vary quite considerably. As a result, the next best kratom vendor for you depends on your priorities as an online shopper.

Selection: PA Botanicals

Not all kratom is created equally, and Kratom Crazy seems to know this well. As of this writing, Kratom Crazy’s inventory includes a staggering thirty-two different kinds of kratom, ensuring that they have something for everyone. Should they shut down, their diverse selection is surely something their customers will miss.

Fortunately, there are other kratom vendors out there with similarly large offerings. PA Botanicals, an American kratom vendor based in Pennsylvania, carries over thirty kratom strains, enough to rival Kratom Crazy’s selection. There’s a healthy variety of old and new strains too: In addition to classics like Red Maeng Da, PA Botanicals stocks blends like “Red Fibro” and “Green Machine.”

That said, PA Botanicals only ships to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. International Kratom Crazy customers will have to look elsewhere.

Prices: Austin Organic Village

Another victory for Kratom Crazy customers is the store’s low prices. Their kratom powder prices consistently fall below our 50 cent price-per-gram guideline, which earned them the Pricing badge on their Kratomaton vendor page. As of this writing, Kratom Crazy offers 100g of kratom powder for about $20 USD, 250g for about $35 USD, and 1000g (1kg) for $90 USD.

If you’re a devoted Kratom Crazy customer who won’t be able to give up prices like those, don’t worry! Plenty of other vendors sell their kratom products at similar rates ­— or in some cases, even less.

For instance, at Austin Organic Village, you can get 250g of kratom powder for $38.5 USD at present. Of course, prices may vary over time, but that’s just slightly more than Kratom Crazy’s $35 USD for the same quantity of kratom.

As far as quality goes, Austin Organic Village is a Trusted Vendor on Kratomaton, meaning that they meet our customer experience standards. Their strict adherence to quality and purity guidelines has also earned them GMP Qualified status from the American Kratom Association.

Austin Organic Village doesn’t ship internationally, but they do ship to the United States and Canada from Austin, Texas.

Capsules: Viable Solutions

Kratom powders may be the most common kratom product, but they’re certainly not right for everyone. Understandably, having to measure out each dose and put up with the bitter taste of kratom is a deal-breaker for some. Kratom Crazy knows this well, which is why they offer pre-filled kratom capsules in various sizes.

Thankfully, if you’re a fan of Kratom Crazy capsules, you won’t have to look far for alternatives: Plenty of other kratom vendors carry them year-round. Viable Solutions, an Idahoan kratom vendor, sells many kratom capsule varieties at prices that are presently lower than Kratom Crazy’s. They also ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad, so customers in Europe should be able to enjoy their pre-encapsulated kratom goodness, too!

Opened Product Refunds: Viable Solutions

Kratom is an organic product, so not every batch is perfect. Sometimes, kratom users might not feel any benefits from a specific kratom product. In rarer cases, a kratom product might have opened or punctured during transit. In these scenarios, vendors that offer opened product refunds can help protect customers and ensure they have a better experience.

Kratom Crazy seems to agree: they allow their customers to return kratom products for a full, money-back refund, even if opened. This policy has likely earned them considerable customer praise.

But thankfully, opened product refunds aren’t exclusive to Kratom Crazy. Other American vendors also have similar store policies. Viable Solutions, a kratom vendor based in Idaho, offers one-time opened product refunds for 30 days as long as 80% of the product remains. Their refund policy also applies to international buyers, so customers in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and elsewhere can shop with Viable Solutions in confidence.

Bitcoin: Austin Organic Village & Viable Solutions

Credit and debit card payments may be the gold-standard when it comes to online shopping. However, not all customers are keen on sharing their financial details with online vendors. For those protective of their privacy, Bitcoin (BTC) provides a safer and more anonymous way to pay for kratom and other goods online.

Kratom Crazy has supported Bitcoin payments for some time now, but they’re not alone. Other kratom vendors also accept Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency at checkout.

If you’re shopping within the US and Canada, Austin Organic Village supports BTC and other cryptocurrencies, sometimes called “altcoins.” For those outside the US and Canada, Viable Solutions is another crypto-friendly vendor.

Extracts & More: Leaf of Life Botanicals & PA Botanicals

Variety is the spice of life, and that principle certainly applies to kratom. Even for the most passionate kratom users, the novelty of traditional kratom powders can fade after years of use. And, of course, kratom powders are notorious for tasting terrible.

Kratom Crazy attempted to address these problems by offering other types of kratom products. Alongside kratom powders, they stocked high-potency kratom extracts and liquid shots. And while these products aren’t for everyone, they can help break the monotony of using kratom powders day-after-day.

Other kratom vendors have recognized the need for product diversity and have followed suit. For US customers, Leaf of Life Botanicals supplies a variety of kratom resins, extracts, and shots. Meanwhile, Canadians can broaden their kratom horizons with PA Botanicals, which carries extracts and tinctures.


Kratom Crazy may be departing the kratom scene for good, but their customers have various options going forward. Whether you liked their selection, prices, or payment options, many other kratom vendors have proven themselves to be trustworthy Kratom Crazy alternatives.

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    It’s hit or miss.  @Possii I would try another reputable brand. 

  2. possii
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    I have a couple of questions. For the past years I have ordered Red Maeng Da from Kratom Crazy and loved it. However it had a green color which I didn’t question. I recently ordered from another company (who I don’t ever plan to use again, and it was an orange color. No problem, except it did nothing for me. I’m wondering if I have been using Green Maeng Da all along and the red one doesn’t help. Can the red maeng da actually be green? I have no problem with Kratom Crazy, they were great and what they sent was good for me. What do you think? Should I try the green one? I wrote the company i ordered from and their rude reply was unbelievable! I really don’t know what to do from this point on. Thanks!

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