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October 21, 2021

Kratom Beginner’s Guide

For millions of people around the world, kratom isn’t just a plant: It’s a gift from nature. And every day, kratom helps improve many people’s wellbeing and quality of life.

But while kratom has many benefits, stepping into its world can be daunting for beginners. Today’s billion-dollar kratom market affords customers more choices than ever. But the sheer number of products and sellers can be intimidating — and in some cases, put unsuspecting buyers at risk.

Wondering where to start? Look no further: This kratom beginner’s guide will help you begin your kratom journey on the right foot!

Types of Kratom

Kratom always begins with the leaves of mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia. At harvest, kratom farmers collect the leaves and grind them into a fine powder. But from there, kratom sellers can transform that powder into all manner of other products.

Some kratom products are more convenient, while others have stronger aromas. And ultimately, your preferences will determine which type of kratom is best for you.


Kratom powders are by far the most common and affordable type of kratom. As raw leaf powders, buyers can prepare and enjoy them in various ways. And because most kratom powders provide natural effects unless enhanced, they’re especially beginner-friendly.

However, kratom powders are like ground coffee beans: You’ll have to handle and measure them with care. Like coffee, kratom powders are finely ground and airy, which makes accidental spills likely. Occasionally, even the most seasoned kratom buyers will admit to lightly dusting their countertops when measuring kratom!

As a natural product, spoilage is also a concern with kratom, particularly as a powder. While kratom capsules can be neatly stored without worry, bags of kratom powders are often left improperly sealed. And over time, exposure to open air can degrade the powder and diminish its effects.

Fortunately, with a little care and patience, you can safely store and enjoy kratom powders for years to come.


If kratom powders sound a little “high maintenance” to you, consider kratom capsules. Each contains a pre-encapsulated amount of kratom powder, which removes the need to measure everytime, yourself. As a result, kratom capsules are perfect for on-the-go.

But this added convenience comes at a cost: Generally, kratom capsules are more expensive than standard kratom powders. Creating and filling each capsule takes time, and sellers pass the associated production costs onto you.

Still, many buyers don’t mind paying a premium for kratom capsules. Their convenience is hard to ignore, and not everyone has the time or patience to measure out their kratom. In fact, pre-measured kratom capsules are arguably more beginner-friendly than raw powders. Kratom users often resort to “eyeballing” or using measuring spoons to measure their weights — methods of measurement that lack precision. Unfortunately, this can lead to excess amounts of powder, being larger than expected. But, by leaving the measuring to professional kratom sellers instead, you can enjoy a more consistent kratom experience.


Kratom naturally contains over twenty-five “alkaloids.” And while you might be unfamiliar with that term, there’s nothing to fear: These organic compounds are what shape kratom’s signature aroma.

Natural kratom aromas are already quite strong. But it didn’t take long before people starting wondering if they could concentrate that aroma into something even more potent. And that’s where kratom extracts come in.

Extracts are generally regarded as the strongest kratom products on the market. Most vendors create them by steeping kratom leaves in ethanol and water, producing a concentrated liquid extract. However, they can also be created by steeping kratom leaves and evaporating the water until only a fine, potent powder remains.

As you might expect, these highly-concentrated products aren’t necessarily for beginners: Instead, they’re usually marketed to seasoned kratom buyers seeking stronger aromas than what nature provides. These concentrated products come at a “concentrated” cost, though — in some cases, they’re up to twenty times more expensive than standard kratom powders.

Beginner’s Packs

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast number of kratom strains and products? Consider a kratom “beginner’s pack.” These products ease the burden of choice by pre-packaging several types of kratom, or “strains.” This way, you can sample a small variety of kratom and discover your favourites.

Some beginner’s packs are based around a specific kratom colour, such as white, green, or red. Generally, these colours indicate the maturity of the leaf: White kratom is harvested from young kratom trees, while red kratom leaves are more mature. Kratom’s aroma can vary depending on its colour, so sampling each colour can help build your preferences.

Other beginner’s packs are based around kratom “strains.” These strain names often indicate where or how kratom was produced. For instance, Maeng Da kratom can be a blend of potent strains, whereas Bentuangie kratom is fermented after harvest.

Kratom’s aromas are subjective, making it difficult to determine the best kratom strains for beginners. Ultimately, it’s worth sampling a sizeable variety to find what works for you!

Choosing a Kratom Vendor: What to Look For

Search the internet for kratom vendors, and you’ll find hundreds of options. But take caution: While you can buy kratom online in just a few clicks, rushing into a purchase without doing your research could endanger your health, finances, or both.

Lab-tested Products

As a natural product, kratom can collect harmful contaminants as it grows. Most vendors sterilize or pasteurize their kratom before sale to ensure that bacteria and other pathogens don’t stick around. But vendors can’t remove all contaminants so easily. And for that reason, reputable kratom vendors regularly lab-test their kratom to protect customers.

For instance, heavy metals like lead and arsenic are particularly problematic. These pernicious particles are invisible to the naked eye and naturally present in countless soil-grown plants. But at higher-than-normal concentrations, they become toxic to the body. In particular, lead overexposure can cause developmental issues, while arsenic elevates cancer risk.

Fortunately, kratom lab tests allow vendors to spot these harmful contaminants that would otherwise go unseen. And if those lab results indicate that a batch is contaminated, reputable vendors will discard and destroy it rather than selling it to customers.

Sadly, not all kratom vendors rigorously test their products. As a result, their customers are at risk of unknowingly purchasing these same pathogens and heavy metals. Lab-testing isn’t cheap, and the cost is often passed to consumers. But most would agree that endangering their health by purchasing cheaper, untested kratom isn’t worth it. For that reason, the best kratom for beginners is always lab-tested.

Proven Track Record

Today, many kratom vendors have grown beyond packaging products in their basements to become full-blown, professionally-staffed sellers. But vendors who excel at marketing and promoting their products don’t necessarily excel at keeping their customers happy.

So before you click the “buy” button, be sure to do your research. Browse online reviews or ask around to confirm that a vendor has a history of satisfied customers. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid accidentally purchasing from unproven and unscrupulous sellers.

Many vendors create third-party business pages with Google Reviews, Facebook, or TrustPilot. Since it’s difficult to forge reviews on such sites, these pages can be strong indicators of a vendor’s quality. And by browsing newly published reviews, you can determine if customer opinion has recently soured: Sometimes, vendors have had happy customers in the past, but an influx of issues have dissatisfied customers at present.

Safe & Secure Payment

Picture this: You’ve found the perfect kratom vendor and eagerly filled your online shopping cart. Ecstatic, you head to checkout, enter your bank details, and place your order. Weeks of anticipation go by, and then — nothing. Suddenly, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it.

Unfortunately, this tragic tale is all-too-common in the online kratom scene. This is because there are countless ways to take online payments — and exploit buyers. Scammers know this well, so before you pull out your credit card or chequebook, ensure that a vendor’s website processes payment securely. One way to check is by spotting the “lock” icon in your web browser’s address bar. That icon usually indicates that a vendor’s site supports secure data transfer (HTTPS), which will shield your payment information from prying eyes.

If available, paying via a third-party e-payment service can offer further protection. Services like PayPal and Zelle never share sensitive financial details directly with vendors. And, with third-party payment protection via your bank or a payment processor, you’ll always have recourse should something go wrong.


For many reasons, buying kratom online can be difficult — and even dangerous. There are dozens of products to choose from, and not all kratom is fit for sale. Meanwhile, scammers lurk in various corners of the internet, awaiting their chance to prey on unsuspecting customers.

Thankfully, by equipping yourself with this beginner’s guide to kratom, you’ll improve your odds of enjoying a smooth transaction and great kratom as nature intended. So shop smart, stay safe, and take care!

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