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October 01, 2021

How to Measure Kratom Without a Scale

Kratom is a psychoactive plant, so dosage is everything. Take too little, and you might feel nothing. Take too much, and you might feel nothing but terrible stomach pain, nausea, and dizziness.

As such, it’s crucial to measure your kratom doses accurately. And when it comes to measuring, digital scales are considered the gold standard. But not everyone has such a device on hand. So, whether you’re a kratom beginner or an experienced user whose digital scale recently broke, you may find yourself wondering if you can measure kratom without a scale.

While you certainly can measure kratom in other ways, you probably shouldn’t: Other measuring methods are inaccurate and can cause you to consume too much kratom accidentally. But if you have no alternative, here are some things to keep in mind.

The Dangers of Inaccurately Measuring Kratom

Some kratom users will admit that they’ve never measured their doses with a scale. Others have managed to “eyeball” their kratom for years without issue. The same might be true for you. But each time you measure kratom without a scale, you risk accidentally taking too much — and the side effects can be highly unpleasant.

Kratom is rapidly digested in the stomach, so you’ll know within hours if you’ve taken too much. The main symptoms of overconsumption are undesirable gastrointestinal effects, constipation, lethargy, and little additional mood enhancement. (PinneyAssociates, 2016, pg 18) However, regularly overdosing kratom is associated with far more adverse effects: In one case, a man overdosing kratom for two weeks was hospitalized for jaundice (yellow skin and/or eyes) and pruritus (itchy skin). (Kapp et al., 2011)

Unfortunately, most methods of measuring kratom without a scale aren’t standardized, which can make them wildly inaccurate. For example, let’s say a friend recommends that you take a “spoonful” of kratom. As a utensil, spoons come in all shapes and sizes, making some larger than others. So if you measure your dose with a salad spoon, you might be unknowingly taking double or triple the amount your friend recommended. Most people don’t want their friends to overdose on kratom. But in cases like these, that’s exactly what might happen

The following ways to measure kratom without a scale aren’t perfect. But, if done correctly, they can help you estimate how much kratom you’re taking and prevent unpleasant overdoses.

Measuring Spoons

Most kratom is sold as a finely-ground powder. As a result, you can use the same measuring tools you’d use for spices to measure kratom. However, this method isn’t foolproof, so make sure to consider the following guidelines.

Measure with a Teaspoon

A teaspoon

  • A teaspoon is the smaller of the two spoons
  • One full teaspoon of kratom generally weighs about 2 to 2.5 grams

Measure with a Tablespoon

A tablespoon

  • A tablespoon is the larger of the two spoons
  • One full tablespoon of kratom generally weighs about 7 to 7.5 grams

Step 1: Measure

Accurately measuring kratom with a measuring spoon rather than a scale isn’t as simple as “scoop-and-go.” Depending on how you scoop the kratom, your dose may be smaller or larger than intended:

  • If you lightly pour or scoop kratom powder into a measuring spoon, you may have a smaller dose
  • If you “pack” kratom powder into a measuring spoon by pushing the spoon against the bag or another firm surface, you may have a larger dose

Technically, as long as you use the same technique each time you measure, either technique can be somewhat accurate.

Step 2: Level

“Levelling” can help improve accuracy when measuring kratom without a scale. To use this technique, fill your measuring spoon with kratom powder as you normally would.
Then, take a butter knife or knife and evenly glide its backside across the top of the spoon. This should push away any excess powder, producing an evenly measured spoonful of kratom.


Kratom capsules contain a pre-measured amount of kratom powder, making them convenient and portable. But aside from being convenient, capsules can help you measure kratom somewhat reliably.

Purchase Pre-Measured Kratom Capsules

Many kratom vendors sell pre-made kratom capsules. While they’re available in various sizes (such as “00” and “000”), the best vendors take the time to fill each capsule accurately. As a result, you can measure kratom without a scale by counting how many capsules you’re consuming.

For instance, most kratom capsules –– but not all –– contain about 500 mg of kratom powder. So if you took four 500 mg capsules, your dose would be 2000 mg (2 grams).

If you buy kratom capsules, make sure to verify how much powder each capsule contains. Not all capsules contain 500 mg, so the dosage math can vary.

Make Your Own Kratom Capsules

Some kratom users prefer to make their own kratom capsules. This method is certainly less expensive than buying pre-made kratom capsules, and you can use it to measure kratom without a scale. However, you’ll have to take careful steps to ensure each capsule is filled evenly.

First, determine what size capsule you’re using. Then, reference the chart below to estimate the quantity of each capsule.

  • Capsule size “0:” 250-500 mg
  • Capsule size “00:” 500-750 mg
  • Capsule size “000:” 750-1000 mg

Note: like measuring spoons, kratom capsules can be filled in various ways:

  • If you “push” and “pack” kratom powder into each capsule, the dose may be larger
  • If you lightly scoop or pour in the powder, the dose may be smaller

So, if you’re measuring kratom without a scale by making your own capsules, fill each using the same technique. This way, the capsules are more likely to contain roughly the same amount of powder.

Kratom Measuring Spoons

Some vendors — such as Happy Hippo Herbals — sell measuring scoops specifically for kratom. Since you can presumably measure kratom with any measuring spoon, this might sound like a marketing gimmick. But remember: Not all herb or spice powders weigh the same. Therefore, accurate measurement involves mass just as much as volume. Kratom measuring spoons account for this, making them a useful way to measure kratom without a scale.

Better yet, kratom spoons are generally inexpensive: You can pick one up for just a few dollars, and some vendors will even include them in your order for free!


Using spoons and empty capsules to measure kratom will never be as accurate as a digital scale. But, if you find yourself without one, these tips should help ensure your measurements are more accurate and consistent!

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