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How Long Do The Effects Of Kratom Last?

Kratom – the ground leaves of the Southeast Asian tree Mitragyna Speciosa – is globally renowned for its sedative and pain-relieving properties. Many types or “strains” of kratom exist, and each possesses unique characteristics.

For instance, some kratom strains are reported to have a more sedating nature. Other strains have been reported to be more energetic in comparison.

This variability between strains can also be observed in each strain’s duration of effects. Just as some kratom strains might be more stimulating than sedating, users have reported that the effects of some strains seem to last longer than others.

So, what’s the reason for this? And is there any correlation between strain type and its duration of effects?

Here at Kratomaton, we were eager to know the answers to these questions – and many more. So we looked at all 51 strains in our current database and did some number crunching to see if we could find any observable trends.

Based purely on aggregated user data – here are our findings!


The Longest-Lasting Kratom Strain Colours


First Place – Green Kratom Strains

Given that red kratom strains tend to be the longest-lasting, we were surprised to discover that, when averaged, green kratom strains come in first place for their duration of effects with an average duration score of 7.75.

These findings indicate that most strains in the green family will likely last upwards of 4-5 hours following a moderate dose (2.5-5g). Of course, user experience may vary – but those numbers are certainly impressive and represent the upper echelon of what seems to be possible with kratom.

Keep in mind that the standard half-life of kratom’s primary psychoactive alkaloid, mitragynine, has been observed to be 3.85 with an additional variability range of about one hour .

Kratom’s secondary alkaloid, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, seems to possess a much shorter duration and possesses an average half-life of 2.5 hours with a variability of 0.7 hours .


Second – Red Kratom Strains

Not-so-surprisingly, following closely behind green strains are red kratom strains with an average duration score of 7.2, which designates a general effects span of 3.5-4.5 hours, assuming the dosage size is moderate.


Third – Gold Kratom Strains

Next up are gold kratom strains, which seem to exist somewhere between the characteristics of red and green kratom strains. We averaged out these strains and came to an average effects duration of 6.45, which would likely give you a psychoactive window of about 3.5-4.5 hours for a moderate dose.


Last Place – Yellow & White Kratom Strains

Finally – and with apologies to those die-hard white/yellow enthusiasts – yellow and white kratom strains seem to come in last place with an average duration of 6.4 and 6.3, respectively. That means at a moderate dosage, you’re likely looking at an average active effects period of around 3-4 hours.

This isn’t entirely surprising, as it’s a pretty well-known fact in the kratom community that stimulating strains tend to have shorter durations.

That said, don’t give up on whites and yellows just yet! Some white and yellow kratom strains seem to defy this expectation (something we’ll take a look at in the next section, so don’t miss it!).


Longest-Lasting Kratom Strains

For those craving a long-lasting experience, here are five kratom strains that should keep you satisfied! To mix things up, we included one strain of each colour.

Keep in mind that a higher score doesn’t definitively mean that a strain is longer-lasting. Instead, these numbers should be seen as a “reference range,” as there’s some subjectivity to be expected.


Red Maeng Da

As one of kratom’s most recognizable and abundantly available strains, Red Maeng Da is an easy first choice. Boasting a seemingly well-rounded sedative nature and an exceptionally long-lasting duration of 4-5 hours (for a moderate dosage of 2.5-5g), Red Maeng Da is sure to please any kratom fan – new or old.

Red Maeng Da kratom icon
Potentially long-lasting and balanced, Red Maeng Da may please red-strain enthusiasts and non-fans alike.
Average Score

Gold Bentuangie

Purportedly offering a balanced blend of sedation and pain relief with minimal fatigueGold Bentuangie is a demonstrably unique strain with plenty of potentials. A moderate dose should last upwards of 4-5 hours. The only obvious “con” is that it can be difficult to track down.

Gold Bentuangie kratom icon
Gold Bentuangie may offer a non-fatiguing balance of sedation and elation.
Average Score

Green Horn

Existing somewhere between a red and a white strain, Green Horn appears to offer a remarkable and well-balanced plethora of effects, as well as being long-lasting to boot. On average, users have reported a duration of 4-5 hours for a moderate dose.

With a diverse effects profile, Green Horn could be ideal as a balanced, long-lasting kratom strain.
Average Score

Yellow Vietnam

Potentially providing a noticeable elevation of mood while also promoting feelings of relaxationYellow Vietnam appears to be both balanced and long-lasting in nature. A moderate dose should land you around 4 hours of noticeable effects.

Yellow Vietnam kratom icon
Yellow Vietnam may offer a balanced onset of mood elevation and energy.
Average Score

White Maeng Da

As Red Maeng Da’s white-veined counterpart, White Maeng Da is likely to be strongly stimulating and euphoric. In addition, users have reported White Maeng Da’s effects lasting well past the 3-4 hour window for a moderate dose, which is far above the duration of most white-veined kratom strains. If you prefer invigorating, long-lasting energy, White Maeng Da would appear to be right up your alley!

White Maeng Da kratom icon
Boasting a seemingly energizing and euphoric profile, White Maeng Da could be ideal for those desiring a strongly stimulating strain that's minimally sedating.
Average Score

Finding the ideal kratom strain for you can often become a frustrating process of trial-and-error. Often, this discovery process can test a user’s duration of patience moreso than the duration of the kratom strains themselves.

Still, we hope this post has helped guide your personal kratom journey in a productive fashion. Thanks for reading!


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