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October 26, 2020

Green Maeng Da vs Green Bali

Autumn brings a colourful cascade of falling leaves that’s beloved by many. And aside from being a sight to behold, the season also reminds us of nature’s diversity. The distinctive yellow, gold, and red colours of fall are all byproducts of natural variation.

Like deciduous leaves, kratom leaves also contain varying levels of naturally-occurring plant-based compounds. These compounds invigorate the plant with various properties that can vary from one leaf to the next.

For example, Green Maeng Da and Green Bali are both green kratom strains. And when ground into a fine powder, they have a similar appearance. But when consumed, user reports suggest that each strain offers a different experience.

History & Names

In the kratom world, Green Maeng Da and Green Bali are both popular strains. Most kratom vendors have them in stock, and they’re rarely in short supply.

But beyond that, Green Maeng Da and Green Bali have little in common. Both strains have distinctive histories and names that set them apart.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da is noteworthy because the strain isn’t named after a Southeast Asian region (Bali, Indo, etc.). Instead, the “Maeng Da” name seems to be derived from the Thai world “Mængdā” (แมงดา). When translated to English, “Maeng Da” means “pimp,” which could be a reference to the strain’s potency: In the western world, “pimp” often means something that has been upgraded or improved.

Green Bali

Unlike Green Maeng Da, Green Bali is named after a Southeast Asian region. It takes its name from the Indonesian province of Bali, where most of the world’s kratom is grown and exported.

Effects & Properties

Because Green Maeng Da and Green Bali are both green strains, users often assume that they offer the same effects. However, user reports suggest otherwise.

Green Maeng Da

For most users, Green Maeng Da is strongly stimulating and euphoric. At low-to-moderate doses (1-5g), it can increase one’s energy and mood. These traits make Green Maeng Da a popular choice for those who enjoy kratom but don’t like the fatigue caused by more sedating strains.

Some users have also reported that Green Maeng Da has an above-average duration. At moderate-to-high doses (2.5-5g+), its effects may last up to 4-5 hours.

However, Green Maeng Da doesn’t appear to be very pain-relieving or sedating. It might also be more nauseating than other kratom strains, especially at higher doses.

Green Bali

In contrast to Green Maeng Da, Green Bali seems to be much more sedating and balanced overall. It demonstrates modest capability in nearly every area, but its effects profile doesn’t appear to be dominated by any particular effect. As a result, Green Bali could be ideal for beginners.

However, those looking for a specialized experience may be underwhelmed by Green Bali’s seemingly balanced nature. And, like Green Maeng Da, Green Bali could offer less pain relief and be more nauseating at higher doses than other strains.

Which Strain Should I Choose?

According to users, Green Maeng Da and Green Bali offer different experiences. As a result, you should consider your preferences when deciding which strain might be better for you.

If you’re looking for daytime energy, Green Maeng Da should be the better option. Green Maeng Da is supposedly more stimulating than Green Bali and should last longer to boot.

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If you’re looking to relax in the evenings without having to go to bed early, Green Bali might be what you’re looking for. Green Bali’s seemingly balanced nature could also make it versatile. However, it probably won’t be as energizing or long-lasting as Green Maeng Da.

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Comparing strains like Green Maeng Da and Green Bali reveals how different kratom strains can be. And while their differences might not be apparent to all users, it’s worth experimenting with both strains to discover what you prefer.

We hope this post has helped answer some questions you may have had about these strains. Be sure to check out our blog for more kratom articles like this one!

Note that, due to the subjective nature of kratom and personal variations in body and brain chemistry, your experiences with these strains might differ from the average user.

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