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January 04, 2021

5 Must-Try Kratom Blends

Variety may be the spice of life, but there’s something to be said for finding a kratom strain that works for you. Your favourite strain might be the perfect morning pick-me-up or a dependable relaxation aid. And if you’re happy with the results, why bother trying something else?

Many kratom users fall into a routine with their favourite strain. And while it might seem like a match made in heaven, these “honeymoon phases” aren’t made to last. That’s because frequent use of the same strain can lessen kratom’s effects.

Most kratom strains contain varying levels of alkaloids. (Todd et al., 2020, pg 8) These naturally-occurring compounds are responsible for the plant’s effects. And if your body becomes accustomed to a strain’s alkaloid balance, you might notice its effects decreasing in intensity over time.

Thankfully, the solution to “strain fatigue” is often as simple as using other strains. Introducing different strains into your kratom regimen can expose you to a broader alkaloid range. As a result, you can enjoy better, more consistent results.

Kratom blends can be especially useful for beating strain fatigue. Most blends contain alkaloids from two or more strains that often vary in colour. This can make blends particularly effective for injecting some much-needed novelty into a kratom routine that might otherwise be growing stale.

So, whether you’re looking to mix things up or find a new favourite, consider these kratom blends!

Ganesh Maeng Da (Mitragaia)

Ganesh Maeng Da kratom icon

Ganesh Maeng Da is a specialty blend sold by established American kratom vendor Mitragaia. As of this writing, it’s one of only a handful of blends that the company offers. Nonetheless, Ganesh Maeng Da is a consistent customer favourite.

According to Mitragaia, Ganesh Maeng Da is a blend of Red Maeng Da and Green Elephant kratom. As a result, it may provide a balance of relaxation, euphoria, and energy, especially in low-to-moderate doses (1-2.5g).

However, if pain relief is a priority, Ganesh Maeng Da might not be your best choice. Both strains in the blend seem to have below-average pain-relieving properties according to user experiences. That said, kratom is often a subjective plant, so your results may vary.

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Pink Bunny (Leaf of Life Botanicals)

Pink Bunny strain icon

Red and white kratom strains are often considered polar opposites. As a result, many kratom users develop a strong preference for one strain colour over the other. But for those of us that wouldn’t mind enjoying the best of both worlds, there’s Leaf of Life Botanicals’ “Pink Bunny.”

Pink Bunny’s colourful and cartoony name isn’t just a reference to the red and white kratom it contains. It’s also a nod to the “Kratom Bunny,” a YouTuber who helped approve the blend.

Unfortunately, Leaf of Life Botanicals hasn’t revealed which strains are in Pink Bunny. That makes it difficult to predict what kind of effects the blend might have. That said, most red strains tend to be sedating and pain-relieving, while most white strains are energizing and euphoric. As a result, Pink Bunny likely offers a balanced blend of both.

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Super Speciosa (Super Speciosa)

As of this writing, American kratom vendor Super Speciosa has one of the industry’s leanest strain selections. However, as customer reviews suggest, their self-titled signature blend is proof of their dedication to quality over quantity.

According to their site, Super Speciosa is sourced from “the most alkaloid rich batches.” But a lack of further details makes it challenging to assume what kind of effects Super Speciosa’s trademark blend might have.

Super Speciosa does guarantee that every batch contains at least 1.4% mitragynine, one of kratom’s primary alkaloids. As a result, the blend might excel at alleviating strain fatigue caused by the frequent use of other, less potent strains.

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Green Dragon (Mitragaia)

Green Dragon strain icon

Are you partial to the stimulating nature of green and white kratom strains? If so, Mitragaia’s Green Dragon might be right up your alley. This blend fuses two of the kratom world’s most legendary strains, Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da. And based on user experiences with those strains, the resulting blend should offer a captivating balance of energy and euphoria.

That said, Green Dragon might be too stimulating for some users, especially those who prefer sedating strains. If that sounds like you, Ganesh Maeng Da might be a better fit.

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Aceh Zen (Leaf of Life Botanicals)

Aceh Zen strain icon

If you really want to stomp out strain fatigue, consider Leaf of Life Botanicals’ Aceh Zen. This blend seems to embody the “fear of missing out” and contains a whopping five different strains of varying colours. That fact makes it challenging to anticipate the blend’s effects. But, given Aceh Zen’s eclectic formulation, it could offer a noticeably versatile and balanced experience.

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If you’ve been disappointed with your favourite kratom strain lately, you could be experiencing strain fatigue. Fortunately, kratom blends can help. By using a kratom blend with a different alkaloid balance, you can shake up your kratom regimen and continue to enjoy what the plant has to offer.

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