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Since hitting the GO! button and launching Kratomaton in 2017, we’ve become a leading destination for users seeking unbiased information about kratom (mitragyna speciosa). From demystifying the dozens of available kratom strains to helping kratom consumers find kratom vendors that suit their needs, Kratomaton offers a wealth of information for kratom novices and enthusiasts alike.

Now, we’re offering Trusted Vendors the opportunity to team up and connect more people with this remarkable plant!

What We Offer

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  • A diverse online audience that’s already interested in kratom
  • Daily exposure to hundreds of unique users
  • Sitewide advertisements, sponsored blog posts, and more

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  1. At this time, we’re only accepting advertisement inquiries from kratom vendors who sell kratom products. We’re committed to maintaining the focus of our site and connecting our users with high-quality, relevant advertising.
  2. Ads/advertisers are approved on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to reject your bids/advertisements.
  3. Ads promoting or involving adult content, mature themes, explicit language, misleading sales language or hateful content will not be approved.
  4. Upon cancellation, your advertisement will remain active for the remainder of your paid advertising time. We do not offer partial or complete refunds for less than 30 days of purchased advertising time.

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