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Month: July 2020


Kratomex (Vendor)

Kratomex is a Mexican kratom vendor. They offer a sizeable selection of kratom powders to Mexico residents....
Green Bentuangie kratom icon

Green Bentuangie

Green Bentuangie may offer a blend of stimulation and euphoria that becomes more sedating with time....
White Elephant kratom icon

White Elephant

Those desiring a potent energy and mood boost might enjoy White Elephant....
Yellow Horn kratom icon

Yellow Horn

Yellow Horn seems to offer a capable blend of stimulation and euphoria....
Yellow Vietnam kratom icon

Yellow Vietnam

Yellow Vietnam may offer a balanced onset of mood elevation and energy....
Yellow Thai kratom icon

Yellow Thai

Yellow Thai kratom seems to be a less stimulating and more relaxing version of White Thai....
Yellow Sunda kratom icon

Yellow Sunda (Sundanese)

Although rare, Yellow Sunda's potentially blissful and relaxing effects may catch the attention of both novice and experienced kratom users....